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Don’t Buy The Extras At The Dealer

Don’t Buy The Extras At The Dealer

Auto dealers try and squeeze as much money out of you as possible. If it’s not on the sticker price or the loan, they’ll do it by offering you all sorts of extras. Most of the time these items are extremely overpriced. You can always get whatever they offer at a lower price anywhere else you go. If they offer to throw in an extra for free, which they say is an $800 value, ask them to go ahead and just reduce the price by $800 and don’t give you the extra. They will always refuse because they know it’s not worth $800, that’s just what they charge. Here are some of the most common extras dealers offer.

  • Car alarm. The dealer may charge you $400 for one. Do you really need one that bad? If you do, have it done somewhere else for $100.
  • Extended warranty. Your car already has a manufacturers warranty. Do you really need another one? If so, the dealer will charge you $2,000 for one. You can get one on your own for $800.
  • Rust proofing. You don’t really need to get this. Just park in the shade as much as you can or keep your car garaged if you live in a hot area like California, Texas or Florida. Wash and wax the car and you wont have rust issues. But do you still want it? Get it done somewhere for $40 instead of paying the dealer $800 for it.

So why does the dealer overcharge so much on these items? This is how they make their money. It’s similar to how the fast food companies make their money on the sodas, not on the food. So remember to say no to these extras and don’t fall for their mind games.