Credit Score

What Does Your Credit Score Consist Of

Credit scores can be confusing to dissect. For years it was always a mystery how the credit reporting agencies came up with your score. This number is so important that it dictates how much you’ll pay for a car loan or a home loan. Well there is no mystery anymore. We now know what elementsRead More

Credit Score

5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

Despite what you may have heard on late night television commercials, there aren’t a lot of fast and legitimate ways to fix a bad credit score. Some companies will try to get old derogatory remarks removed by focusing on creditors that are known to not respond, while others will employ a letter-writing campaign to haveRead More

Car Loan

How A Student Can Buy A Car

Ideally you’ll want to buy a car with cash rather than getting an auto loan. But college is expensive and students rarely have enough money in the bank to do that. But there’s nothing wrong with borrowing money to buy a car, especially if you really need one to get to and from work orRead More

Car Loan

4 Strategies To Help You Get The Best Price

Until now, only a fortunate few have been able to master the art of successfully haggling over prices. And now you’ll be privy to a few powerful strategies each designed to help you save big when shopping. It’s called haggling and its actually a very special approach to receiving the most bang for your buck.Read More

Car Loan

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

Other than a home, the most expensive investment you’ll ever make is an automobile. It’s not an easy purchase by any means, and there’s a lot to consider. Do want to buy a new model or are you in the market for a pre-owned vehicle? What attributes are you looking for? What are the mostRead More

Car Insurance

Buying Car Insurance Online

If your current insurance is about to expire you’re probably not looking forward to going through the rigmarole of renewing your insurance policy or looking for a better deal. This long and complicated process can be time consuming and feel like a chore. But looking for car insurance only feels that way if you insistRead More

Car Loan

Three Costly Auto Loan Mistakes

Buying a car is an exciting time, but sometimes that excitement can cloud your good judgement. It is easy to sit down at the negotiating table and sign any paper they want. But if you want to get the best deal possible you’ll need to have a plan in place beforehand that you will stickRead More

Car Loan

Car Financing And Your Credit Score

Countless Americans have endured recent economic circumstances that have ruined their credit scores, but a poor credit history doesn’t have to keep you from obtaining car financing. You may not get the most ideal car loan on the market, but there are ways in which you can work around the stigma of bad credit. FirstRead More

Car Loan

Refinancing Your Current Auto Loan

With interest rates still at record lows, it is a great time to refinance your auto loan. If you got your car loan several years ago you most likely can get a much better rate now. Refinancing your loan entails paying off your current loan and starting a new loan with a new lender. YourRead More

Free Loan

The Truth About Interest-Free Loans

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? An interest free auto loan? What’s the catch? The truth is that there really isn’t a catch, per se, as the loan is indeed interest free. However they still need to make a profit somewhere. Here are some things to take note of if you are thinkingRead More