Car Insurance

Buying Car Insurance Online

Buying Car Insurance Online

If your current insurance is about to expire you’re probably not looking forward to going through the rigmarole of renewing your insurance policy or looking for a better deal. This long and complicated process can be time consuming and feel like a chore.

But looking for car insurance only feels that way if you insist on using traditional methods. Those looking to buy car insurance quickly and easily should consider shopping online to get the best deal.

You have a number of options when it comes to searching for the best quote online, the two most popular being using the quotations process on insurers websites or using aggregator websites that will provide quotes from a number of different results and allow you to compare them to each other.

Although quote comparison websites can provide quick results, if you know what kind of insurance product you are after you are nearly always better going to the insurers site directly. Some insurers do not allow their premium products to be listed on price comparison websites, offer preferential deals for those with a history of no-claims or simply are not listed on price comparison websites at all, so using price comparison sites exclusively is rarely a good idea.

Before you start shopping around, it’s best to have your old policy and paper driver’s license prepared as the quote process will require you to enter information from them, such as the registration information of your car and your claims history. The first step of getting an insurance quote is to go through the questionnaire and make sure your answers are as accurate as possible – if you guess and provide incorrect information you may not be offered the best deal that is actually available to you. Once this has been fully completed, the best price available for the answers you provided should be displayed on the screen.

Searching for car insurance quotes online often means you have access to exclusive deals and discounts. The process of purchasing once you’ve been through the application couldn’t be easier – you can simply click through, enter your details and voila.

For those who want to buy car insurance yet are nervous about providing details online and would prefer to use the phone, you are provided with a reference number and, usually, a telephone number to call to have your payment processed by an insurance agent. If you’re not ready to purchase immediately, many insurers websites like and price comparison websites allow you to register your email against your reference number and store your quote for later. This is very handy if you want to shop around a bit more before making a decision.