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8 Free Job Search Apps That Can Help You Apply NOW

8 Free Job Search Apps That Can Help You Apply NOW

Searching for a job is time consuming, but using job search apps makes it easier to find and apply for positions on the go.

Further your career from your iPhone or Android mobile device with these apps by applying to jobs the moment they become available. Doing so can keep you ahead of the competition.


If you’re looking for an hourly position in your area, Snagajob is for you. This free app lists both full-time and part-time, hourly-based jobs throughout the U.S. With over 490,000 jobs added in the last month according to the website, you have a great chance of finding an hourly position that you will love.


The popular professional social media site recently created an app for iOS and Android that provides filtering search tools (similar to the main LinkedIn website) and notifications of jobs that fit your search criteria, says PC World. The LinkedIn app alerts you when a job listing is about to expire and when a recruiter has viewed your application.


This Monster-affiliated app works directly with Facebook. BeKnown lets you create a professional network separate from your Facebook account, and also allows you to find jobs via the social media site. You can view profiles, exchange messages and discover jobs posted by connections. The company’s motto, “You never know who can help you find your next job” is the driving force behind many of the app’s features. Keep in mind, this isn’t a standalone app so you’ll have to access it through Facebook mobile.


Is your daily commute a major stressor in your life? If the main reason for your job search lies in the amount of gas money you’re spending every week, then JobCompass is your ticket out the door. This app helps you find jobs within a five-mile radius, says Mashable, and with more than 2 million listings, you’re bound to find a job close to home.


Imagine a world where you can make money by shopping. Although it might sound too good to be true, Gigwalk is a job searching app that specializes in temporary positions that include anything from going to a retail location and taking pictures of a specific product to inspecting displays or event promotions. So how do you start? The process is simple. All you do is sign up Lupron Victims, link your PayPal account and apply for gigs in your area. Then, employers will post jobs that vary in compensation for you to pick up.


Don’t waste your time wandering through a thousand different job search sites. Instead, use an app like JobMo, which grants access to listings from popular job search websites all in one place. Features include maps that list jobs in your area, job-search related discussions, information on companies and salary comparisons, says


Experienced job searchers know that not all available positions are listed on online job boards. LinkUp lets you view open positions on company websites with a simple keyword search. You can save searches and apply to jobs directly on your phone. Furthermore, with LinkUp, you can feel confident that you’re applying to legit jobs since they have been posted by the company itself. Additionally, you have a higher chance of landing an interview when you go directly to the source.


This app is ideal for avid Twitter users. The TweetMyJobs app pushes jobs from more than 10,000 job channels on Twitter. You can receive job matches directly to your email, text and, of course, your Twitter account. Avoid getting flooded by choosing how frequently they’re delivered. Plus, TweetMyJobs can notify you if any of your Facebook friends can introduce you to a hiring company that aligns with your job preferences.

So, if your career search has hit a stall, try these Insurance apps and get your job search moving again. They might just help you … Get a Job!